Gemma Willans


ADDRESS: 2501 Spring Lane Austin, TX 78703


Whether you’re moving down the street, to a new city or going abroad, there’s a part of your life that’s changing and resetting. It can be exciting to begin again, but no matter the distance, it’s daunting. 

Gemma is a real estate agent who has successfully started over in new homes, new states and a new country, building lasting relationships over the years. She draws from these experiences to guide her clients. Gemma’s philosophy in real estate is people and building long-term relationships--first. She is a resource to all of her clients before, during and after each transaction.

Before moving to the U.S. and eventually Austin, Gemma lived in England. She grew up in a small town in the southeast part of the country that eventually wasn’t big enough to keep her there. She wanted to see and do more. She went to London for college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with honors. Her love for adventure and people wasn’t fully satisfied, so she took off on an incredible backpacking trip for 14 months covering 35 countries and four continents. At the time, technology was rapidly changing. When she returned to England, Gemma started a career in IT that grew into 10 years of work in corporate logistics and IT project management. She traveled all over Europe, where she launched and supported high-end concessions for a London-based fashion company, in addition to supplying IT support for an in-house and remote computer network of 1,000 end-users.

Before relocating to the US in 2010, Gemma’s career pivoted from IT to project management. As a Project Manager, she worked for a real estate company in London that specialized in new development, acquisitions, zoning amendments, spatial and interior design, construction, leasing and sales and formal property management. Her role included aspects of all these services into a coordinated plan for each new scheme. It was the job that taught her about real estate and a love for an industry that would stay with her until she moved to Austin nearly eight years ago.

Gemma has two daughters who are the highlight of her life. When she isn’t taking care of clients, investing in real estate or managing her own properties, Gemma can be found upside down in a yoga pose, spinning up a sweat on a stationary bike or exploring the wonders of Austin with her two favorite little people.